Heartless Machine

Heartless Machine (2014)

Loose Tongue
Heartless Machine
What To Say
The Maladjusted
Newborn Sun
Take Shelter
Not What I Signed Up For
The Great Escape
All Anchors Lost



So This Is When We Grow Up

So This Is When We Grow Up (2006)

Part of Me
My Heart Is Bulletproof
One of a Kind
Applaud Friends, the Comedy Is Over
So This Is When I Grow Up
The Opportunity
My Lionheart Beats On
Tears of Despair
Make Up Your Mind
Let Go
Rockstar Fantasy (Break It)



Flatcat - Five Days Off split

Flatcat - Five Days Off split (2003)

01. Hear tonight
02. Nothing to prove
03. Wait and see
04. Anniversary song

Five Days Off
05. Been there, done that
06. The message
07. Kill the fire
08. Twenty for se7en (6.40pm)



Better Luck Next Time

Better Luck Next Time (2002)

Dodgin' the Bullet
Beautiful in Venice
Trying Harder
Down on Me
Better Luck Next Time
On the Rise
New Song Dedicated to You
Hard to Play
Environmental Pressure
Silly Girl
Live Free Or Die
Popular Guy



Four Lessons To Drive

Four Lessons To Drive (2001)

Live free or die
Mr popular guy
Waste of time
Smashes like Kournikova



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