People say a woman loves by her ears but there not many happy cases when nice words lead to anything good when it comes to adult dating. What can speech of a man say about him you can learn from this article. 

According to a popular theory words transmit not more than 10% of information. All the rest is done by visual signs (gestures, face expression) and a manner of talking. The most of people receive this complex of impressions subconsciously. And if you know this notorious phrase “I felt that he is a scoundrel” it’s likely that there was something between the lines but slipped from your attention. Having learnt to hear not only words you’ll save yourself from useless contacts. 


There is an idea that if a man has a low timbre of voice he has a high level of testosterone. And you’ll get a leader and a sexually active person. In fact timbre says about structure of vocal cords and other organs. More attention should be paid at the way how the man rules his timbre. 


If his speech has a moderate pace, his phrases are well structured and he grabs all your attention during the conversation we have a reserved guy. Usually such men are self-confident, can control their emotions, know their goals and know how to achieve them. It’s quite possible that he learnt to speak good.  

The other case if pace of his speech is like a rollercoaster. As a rule these are sensitive persons but they tend to have hysterical mood sometimes. And it must make you more attentive. Such guys can change their role quite quickly. 


Unfortunately in our age of Internet communication people with a rich vocabulary is a rare species. From the other side such a person is a really interesting one. If he uses many different words and can make up complicated phrases easily it shows his good social background and high rate of erudition. And you can agree it’s good when you something to talk about with a man.

And if a guy can speak much about nothing or uses words without knowing their meaning – it’s no good at all. Maybe he even has some psychological problems. So if he tends to look too smart and still his words have no sense, run away from him.  


One more (and usually correct) sign of problems is an absence of speech coherence. A conversation with such a person looks like wandering in a labyrinth of Minotaur where a girl try not to get lost in many paths and find the way out. What is connection between yesterday’s dinner and a situation in Venezuela? There’s no link between them. He just takes words and quickly changes the subject of conversation. So don’t waste your time like in the case above get out of it. 


In psychology this term means match between verbal and non-verbal. If a man’s words don’t match his intonations and gestures pay less attention to his words. Mess in words, gestures, intonations shows that a person can’t control impression about himself and can’t control his inner condition. Can he learn to do it? Yes, he can. But is he ready for it? 

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