Sex dating site give you a possibility to message any person you want. But in relations between woman and man the latter are not always ready to take everything in his hands. And sometimes women have to put some energy to make communication more vivid and interesting. Sometimes it can look too intrusive. So here are recommendations how you can push the right buttons without too much pressure. 

The rule №1: Don’t be shy to message him first

Often women have an illusion that if they make the first step they can scare off a man. Yes, traditionally men have an image of a conqueror and a warrior. Actually not all men feel comfortable in this system of views, so of them are shy and won’t make the first step until they are sure that a woman is interested in them. In general you don’t have to be afraid of being active but think about being delicate and not too intrusive. 

The rule №2: don’t message again if you didn’t get an answer

If you decide to message first (and it’s always quite a nervous step especially if you like a man) thin what goals you want to achieve. For example you want remind about yourself after the first date or wonder why the guy whom you know for long stopped contacting with you. There can be different reasons, but still you don’t have put too much pressure. If a guy doesn’t answer you he can have many reasons for it. Don’t send messages after your first one was left without reaction. You can be sure he received it and read it. And if he doesn’t answer you, it’s his choice and there’s no need to send more letters. 

The rule №3: everybody likes sincerity and simplicity

No need to waste your time trying to make up an interesting and witty message that will surely gets a response. If he is not interested in you no matter how cool is your letter it will get no reaction at all, or maybe you will be sent to his black list. Don’t start your messages with questions like: “Why don’t you write to me?”, “Where are you?” and so on. Such questions make a man take a defensive position. You can tell him that you were thinking about him this morning and how great was your first date. Still “Hello, how are you?” is more than enough to start a conversation.  

The rule №4: if you are always the first to take an initiative, it’s time to think…

If he is able to take any actions at all. You are always the first to message him, you initiates all dates and spending time together is your idea. Maybe he just feels comfortable with it. It’s quite possible that his behaviour is always the same and he is never active in anything. Or maybe he is not interested in you at all. Despite the fact that a woman has a right to make the first step don’t overuse this possibility. Let him make something too. Maybe he was going to call you but your message broke his mood for making this.