Sex dating site is an exciting thing, but sometimes you can catch a really bad fish. Like guys who just want to live at your expense. Freeloaders are not always interested in a rich women. A simple girl with an average income can become a target too. 

There are suspiciously many conversations about money. Your money. You matched the facts and now you realized that you live with a gigolo. What to do if your man loves your money and not you? In this article we’ll tell you what to do.  

First of all let’s find out who is a gigolo? What can make you understand that he is interested in your money only? Here are some classic symptoms:

Gallant, young and handsome

As a rule these features belong to classic freeloaders. This is a young and handsome man, very gallant one and fashionable. He is a romantic and guesses all your wishes, knows what to say. Of course it doesn’t mean that all men who look like this are interested in money only. But if he is, your suspicions are reasonable. 

Dear I forgot my wallet again

You start paying in restaurants, in cinema, in shops – everywhere. He uses your resources and doesn’t pay for anything by himself. Maybe at the beginning he pays for something but then forgets his wallet more and more often. And then you learn that he has financial difficulties and needs help. And who will help him if not you? He will return everything later!

Give me a million please

So he needs help. But notice that he always needs help and his needs are too high. Sometimes he has some problems with his family or he needs money for a start-up that will “pays off in future”. The most dangerous and evident feature that shows that your partner is a gigolo is the moment when he asks you to draw a credit, borrows a large sum of money and suggests some dubious manipulations with your property and money. 

When it’s dangerous to have relations with a gigolo

You have to distinguish a lifestyle of a gigolo from more radical form like fraud. The second variant is the most dangerous. Of course, you heard the stories how men cheated women, borrowed large sums of money and disappeared and etc. So beware, relations with such a person are not possible, he will make some money and will go away. 

Usually you can understand that your man is a gigolo if:

  • he asks you to draw a credit and explains why he can’t do it by himself
  • he suggests different manipulations with your property 
  • he is very interested in your money (where you keep it, your PIN-number and etc)

Remember: to help financially is one thing and manipulations with your property is another. It is very serious and there will be no ending in this story. So if you see that your boyfriend starts talking about a credit or he knows your PIN-number much better than the date of your birthday, it’s time to think about your future. 

Should you continue relations with a gigolo

Speaking frankly: the most of women don’t understand with whom they deal. Some girls have illusions that he will return all the money in the end as he promised. But this is an illusion. 

For some women relationship with a gigolo is a kind of relationship with a man. She feels comfortable and calm. He is always under her control and won’t go anywhere. She provides him with finances and he gives her his love, tenderness and all other things. So what is wrong with it if such relations are a result of mutual and conscious decision?